Designing useful products people love

Good UX practice expertly matches business goals to user needs. People love good design and great content, but the biggest drivers of satisfaction are easy interactions and transactions that give people what they want with the minimum of effort and friction.

Sparks have a clear point of view on what investing in user experience should bring to a project, and a set of UX tools and approaches that we’ve seen deliver value time and time again. Research, goal setting, user stories, wireframes, prototyping and user testing all have their place in exploring how best to bring to business and the customer together, and deliver a successful outcome for each. When this is done early in the project, it enables better decision making at every stage that follows.

UX reviews and ongoing measurement of success hitting website KPIs is an important part of our support approach. Websites become great through regular attention to identifying and fixing areas of low performance, and measuring what matters to the visitor and maximising their value.

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