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21 December 2016 Module A Week: Team Feedback with

Writing the code is the easy part in open source contributions. Near the end of our very first "Module A Week" week we realised that we needed a way for everyone to be able to effortlessly get involved in testing and providing feedback. This is where came in.

15 December 2016 Transitioning your site to HTTPS

Historically, it's been common practice for sites to be running on HTTP, the standard for data communication on the World Wide Web.

07 December 2016 GitLab CI with Behat

This demo uses a basic Docker PHP image, shows you how to pull other repositories using a secret SSH key, change some PHP settings, install Composer, and then run Behat. We are not going to use MySQL to build an entire site, so Behat will be running against a persistent development site that sits elsewhere.

05 December 2016 Module a Week talk from DrupalSouth: Gold Coast 2016

Video and follow-up discussion for our celebrated team talk at the DrupalSouth Gold Coast 2016 conference.