Make connections and maximise conversions

Keep it simple with fundamental principles and keen audience insight

Sparks take a systematic approach to traffic generation: identify users, leverage behavioural and profile data, then align SEO, SEM and display messages to deliver a consistent message.

By co-ordinating the digital marketing with onsite UX and landing page creative, we can match the expectations created by the marketing - improving both quality scores and most importantly conversion metrics through more successful page interaction.

Effective marketing is not just about getting your message out as widely as possible, to get the most value from marketing spend, it is essential that your reach the right audience for your website. Bringing people to your site, who then simply leave straight away, is a waste of money. Worse, it affects quality scores and takes attention and effort away from worthwhile activity that drives growth.

From our very earliest days Sparks Interactive have worked with clients who depend on quality traffic to grow their business online. We provide specialist expertise, and co-ordinate seamlessly with external agencies across a range of design, marketing, media and search services to reach audiences, make connections and deliver success.

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