SEO and SEM - always on and always working

Go deep with SEO that does more than tick the boxes.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) have long been standard features of website development and operation. Site owners depend on affordable SEO to bring regular traffic, and it is usually the primary driver of traffic to websites. Typically our clients see 50%-60% of their traffic from unpaid organic search, with an additional 10-20% from paid search sources including content marketing.  

The Drupal CMS has great natural search potential right out of the box. Sparks provide a standard suite of Drupal modules that allow editor control over the fundamental elements of onsite SEO - URL, page titles, metadata, in-page markup for headings and embedded media.

This means site owners and in-house marketing teams can run their own SEO, measure success and tweak content SEO as needed to keep traffic trending upwards. This keeps operational budgets focused on new work, not just spending money to stay in one place.

Supporting this we offer expert advice and content services - including copywriting and keyword research. Sparks maintain certification in the Google Partner Programme and now has partner status in Google Analytics and Adwords. We also have relationships with independent contractors who provide digital marketing including Adwords, text links and online display advertising across major sites for NZ audiences.

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