Project Manager/Producer (Entry Level) - Wellington

Progressive, independent studio with great work environment seeks like-minded junior Project Manager with a love for great work! If you have experience in project coordination and/or customer service in all things web and want to grow your career - come and join us!

This job will suit candidates set for a career as a project or account manager who are ready for a challenge. You'll work alongside senior staff in an established team environment with a high degree of autonomy and responsibility.

Experience in project work, commercial project delivery, or other relevant workplace experience is an important consideration for this role. Experience in working with Content Management Systems (CMS) - Drupal, Silverstripe, or Wordpress - are a definite plus.

We are offering a full time position - 32 hours over 4 days or 40 hours over 5 days - both including a trial period.

You will start working under the wings of a Senior Producer 

  • Assist our Project Management and Producer team 
  • Support our Customer Service Helpdesk

Your day-to-day tasks include

  • Coordinating activities and resources 
  • Maintaining project plans and documentation, monitor progress, schedules, and time sheets 
  • Communicating with internal teams, clients, and third parties through email and phone calls, to answer questions and address concerns. 
  • Attend meetings and document outcomes 
  • Support the production team with basic content management and general support tasks including the research and preparation of reports


Desired skills and experience
  • We are working with a range of high profile clients within the private and public sector - excellent English, communication, and writing skills are expected. 
  • Working with public sector clients on tight budgets and timelines can be challenging - you should bring a drive to get things done in a hands-on manner, to ensure tasks are completed and everybody knows what needs doing. 
  • Communication skills are important. We are committed to provide excellent customer service and outstanding project delivery - accurate and constructive communication skills, including appropriate use of email, telephone, and managing meeting time to achieve positive outcomes is crucial, as is thoroughness in communicating requirements, documenting discussions and outcomes. 
  • You will work as a link between developers and customers. A big part of this job is to translate and filter clients requirements into tech talk to discuss potential solutions with our developers and report back to clients - knowledge in Information Technology and CMS systems (we work mainly with Drupal) will help you to discover and communicate the best solutions. 
  • We are a diverse and multidisciplinary team. We need you to bring the ability to follow instructions and work under direction, as well as to show initiative and independence in addressing issues and ensuring good outcomes for the client. 
  • We work in small project teams and the devil is often in the details. Part of your responsibilities is to review and test products pre-delivery - working well with others, keeping an eye on the details without loosing the bigger picture, and a commitment to deliver above the mark are required.

Key performance indicators 

  • Senior staff, production teams are well informed and to work efficiently and deliver projects that meet or exceed client expectations 
  • Clients have all the required information, understand scope and delivery, and can make informed decisions.

This is a role with wide scope for activity in various areas of the company operation. The intention is to provide support to other staff in carrying out their duties, and to show independence and initiative in taking on and completing project work. Success in this role will require commitment in following through to completion the project work, and the ability to produce effective work in a commercial environment, where time and budgets are often limited resources.

Employment type

full time

Job function

Project Manager/Producer (Entry Level)

Apply by date

February 2018

Role start date


How to apply

Please email with links to sites you’ve worked on, and a CV for reference. It would be great to hear your thoughts about the role in a cover letter, and if you have any questions just ask!