Beautiful design, built on Drupal

Backed by on-going support and high performance hosting.
Short term or long term, a well thought out plan makes all the difference. We’ll use a variety of tools and techniques to figure out what needs doing, how we’ll do it and how much that will cost. 
Sparks strategy depends on rapid analysis, relevant research and robust discussion to set an initial direction. Then we test, measure and adapt. Not every project needs everything thrown at it, but every piece of work needs a plan of some sort – budgets and deadlines depends on it.
SERVICES: Discovery and exploration, Requirements Analysis, Strategy workshops, User surveys and testing, Stakeholder interviews, Prototyping, Specification development, Proof-of-concept testing, Work plans, Budgets and Timelines
We firmly believe you can’t design something properly unless you know how it’s built, and creative ideas won’t succeed without expert implementation. We don’t have to make every piece of the puzzle, but understanding how everything works means we can also deliver exceptional results as part of a wider team.
We take our craft seriously, and believe that the most successful work comes from mastering the details at each stage of delivery.
SERVICES: Creative and brand development, Content and copywriting, Visual design, Interface and themes, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Drupal CMS, PHP development, Social Media campaigns and SEO
The work doesn’t stop once the site is live. Sparks’ business is built on the long term success of our clients. We take a “whole team” approach to support, and the people who made your site will be there to sort out issues and build out enhancements.
We do ad hoc support or you can manage costs through contracted Service Level Agreements.
SERVICES: Performance and uptime monitoring, Server patches, Drupal updates, Bug fixing, User feedback fixes, Support tickets, Analytics, SEO reports, Adwords, social marketing, search marketing, online advertising planning and executuion

Sparks take a simple approach. Get the best people together in the same room and get them to work. We divide the work up into well-defined tasks, assign responsibilities and run to a schedule.