Introducing the Sparks Week

Monday 29 April 2013

We follow a pretty consistent routine in the office. Each day, week and month has a rhythm to it that feels natural to us, gives clients certainty and provides projects with the structure they need.       

To keep it simple, Sparks' basic unit for managing delivery is the week:

  • Every day we'll have a stand-up meeting to run through the status on each piece of work in the studio:
  • Early in the week this will focus on what needs to be delivered by Friday
  • Through the middle of the week we'll be checking progress and clearing the path forward
  • Later in the week the attention is on delivering the milestones and checking in feedback
  • Projects typically target a Friday review of code completed that week

Every week you'll get a written status update on all open tasks, and the option for a meeting to go through these in detail.

In the same way, progress through the month is marked week by week:

  • First week of the month we'll update the project schedules and review things at a strategic level
  • Second week in we'll focus on delivery milestones and what needs to happen
  • Around the mid-month we'll reconfirm actual hours against estimate and review project billing
  • Third and fourth weeks are about ticking off tasks and moving towards milestones

At the end of month we wrap up the billing cycle, report on progress and get ready do it all again.