Front end developer / engineer

Friday 18 January 2013

With interface driven projects kicking off in both offices we are hiring in Wellington. We need specialists in HTML, CSS, Javascript who can lay down the law on Front End Development.

UPDATE: Auckland role is now filled. Wellington still considering options.

We see this going a couple of different ways:

1. Typical cut-up and build, where you'd take the designs and turn them into templates and themes:

  • Working with designers and back end developers to resolve issues
  • Bringing a high level of proficiency with applications and code
  • To produce clean, compliant and well thought out HTML and CSS
  • Effective use of .js libraries and scripting to drive interaction

Which is, we guess, the pretty standard job doing the rounds these days. We would prefer:

2. You get the full stack but lead from the front:

  • You are across frameworks for CSS and Javascript
  • But have paid your dues coding from scratch and solving problems on your own
  • You've worked optimising code and liked it
  • Designers and server-side coders both love you
  • You chose front end development because it is pretty awesome

Buzzword bonus points for HTML 5/CSS 3 and Responsive Design, we'd love to see some completed portfolio work including mobile/touch.

At Sparks we are doing some interesting, and really good, work. We're nice people and this is a role where you'll be respected for the contribution you make to building a better internet one line of code at a time.

Get in touch and let us know what you think: